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Welcome to Sequitur Marketing, LLC

Launching this web site is an exciting milestone for Sequitur Marketing. We’ve officially been in business a little more than a year. Every day includes learning something new, fine tuning the business model, and moving forward. All in small steps, all focused on the next milestone. But ever forward.

It’s probably not surprising to you that I’m often asked “what’s a sequitur?” Perhaps the question that actually comes to mind is “why did you name your business that?” There’s a little story in each answer.

Selecting a business name was a challenge and an adventure. I made lists of words that reflected the kind of business I wanted to have, said something about my personality, or just sounded cool. My list of words included the obvious (marketing, business), the fancy (élan, atelier), the utilitarian (essentials, strategy), and the whimsical (whizbang, must have).

Apparently many other small business owners like the fancy names as much as I do; several of my initial choices were already in play. I wanted to avoid any hint of infringing on someone else’s name in the marketing world, especially in Texas. So my exploration went on for a while.

Sequitur is not as musical as élan or atelier. It is not as fun as whizbang or must have. But it fits me and my business in so many ways.

Sequitur is the opposite of non sequitur. It brings to mind sequence, next, logical. It sounds sturdy and solid, like a foundation. That’s what Sequitur will be for you.

Our mission statement:

“Sequitur Marketing will support small to mid-sized businesses who want to develop and/or improve their marketing strategy to support improved processes, profitability, and market penetration. We will provide affordable high quality expertise, focus, and resources.”

Let’s work together to build your business through smart, logical development of your marketing plan and program. “Plan and program” does not mean expensive or complicated. Your marketing is what you do. It’s what right for you and your business.

There’s more to come! This blog is a place to converse, learn, share, and explore. Maybe to vent from time to time. Please be part of the conversation.


  1. Eva Gonzales

    June 20, 2014 at 3:17 am


    Looking forward to seeing what wonders you do for your clients!

    • Vicki R. McCullough

      June 20, 2014 at 11:50 am


      Thanks for the good words, Eva. And big thanks for your hard work and guidance on this web site. Great work!

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