What We Do

Sequitur Marketing gives you tools to grow and strengthen your business. We design solutions to meet your needs and make the best use of your resources. We can bundle services, or provide them a la carte. Whatever makes the most sense for your business.

Marketing Inventory

A marketing inventory gives you a high level overview of your current marketing function. You’ll gain an objective view of  how well (or not) your activities fit your business objectives.

Sequitur Marketing will:


Marketing Strategic Plan and Calendar

Sequitur Marketing’s strategic planning process starts with an in depth exploration of your business. We dig into what you want to accomplish and the best way to make it happen. From there we create a calendar of marketing activities to move you toward success, step-by-step.

Your detailed marketing plan documents your:


Project and Resource Management

Sequitur Marketing will help you complete that project . We can help you organize the process, source experts and meet deadlines for on-going or short-term projects. We provide oversight and additional resources for your: