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Recently I’ve heard many comments and exclamations about business accomplishments.

We have 3000 names on our email list.

Our revenue increased to $100,000.

This web page had 1500 views.

We now have 50 employees.

I got 120 business card at the Chamber networking event last night.

These statements may or may not indicate good things. Each is a comment on quantity with no insight re: quality.  What do you want to accomplish and how do these numbers support that?

Do those emails belong to people truly interested in your business?

Were you able to manage expenses while growing revenue?

How many of those website views will lead t to more interaction with you and ultimately to a business relationship?

What results will get from increased staffing?

Do you know anything about the people and business represented by those business cards? Did you make a genuine connection?

I’m not suggesting bigger is always bad. Or that you shouldn’t set ambitious goals or stretch your capabilities. Quantity can be a good measure but don’t overlook quality. More industry-specific clients, work space that better accommodates your needs, and higher value projects are targets that can drive your business to be bigger and better.

If you decide to pursue bigger for the sake of bigger….maybe for the experience or entertainment value…go for it. Just be honest with yourself about the risk and accept the consequences.


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