For small to medium-sized professional and consulting services firms, investing in marketing can feel like buying a pricy plane ticket to an unknown destination. You don’t care how cool the plane was…did it get you safely where you wanted to go? Too often marketing is based on fuzzy objectives and shiny objects with no clear results in mind. That’s why Sequitur Marketing begins our relationship with you by learning about your business—your service offerings, your clients, your goals and your challenges. We’ll never push you to plunge into an email campaign, ad placement, or ‘hot new’ communication medium unless we both see a compelling connection between that choice and reaching your business goals.


We offer economical inventory packages that review your marketing efforts for effectiveness: Are you focusing on the right clients to avoid scattershot marketing? Clear and consistent in defining the services you offer? Making the most of available, effective, low cost resources?

We also have comprehensive strategy packages that take a hard look at whether you’re spending your time, money and energy in a way that drives your business where you want it to go. Then we create a marketing strategy plan to clearly map how an action, such as revising your website content or participating in a professional association will impact your client base and revenues. That’s what you want from marketing after all, isn’t it?

If you’re just looking for help on a particular project, we can do that too. We provide management and support resources for specific projects and tasks, such as email campaigns, tradeshows and RFP responses.

We love creativity. Creativity supported by metrics and logic, not just our desire to break out the paint box—on your dime. Sequitur is marketing that makes sense—for you, for your clients and for results.